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Mommy Makeover Recovery Time: How Long Will It Take?

You have experienced the miracle of bringing a baby into this world. However, such a wondrous event is not without a cost. Moms can have loose skin, a protruding tummy, sagging breasts, or a combination of the three!

But there is hope - you can have that pre-pregnancy body again!

A Mommy Makeover can address all of these issues at once. But if you're reading this article, you're most likely anxious about what it will be like to recover from a mommy makeover.

It’s normal to be nervous. All surgeries include physical discomfort. But remember, the healing process is only temporary, but your beautiful results are permanent!

The vast majority of Dr. Fan's mommy makeover patients report that their biggest regret is that they waited so long to have the procedure done.

Mommy Makeover Recovery Time

The recovery timeline depends on your body and it's healing prowess, as well as the extent of the procedures required to get the results you want. In this article, we'll talk in averages to give you a better idea what to expect while you recover from a Mommy Makeover.

What to Expect the First Week

The first couple days will mostly consist of resting. You will need assistance, especially if you have small children.

In the first week, you can expect:

  • Tight stomach and breasts
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Numbness and tingling

Your doctor will instruct you to get up and move around every few hours. In some cases, this can be challenging as abdominal surgery makes it difficult to stand up straight.

For the first week following surgery, you will be sore and uncomfortable. This is the hardest part, and you may be anxious about your decision during this period. But, medication helps to manage the pain, and this tough time is over quickly.

What to Expect the Following Weeks

Most patients are able to return to work in 2 to 4 weeks. At this point, you will probably still experience general sensitivity as well as muscle and skin tightness. You will also experience abnormal sensations, including residual soreness, numbness, and tingling.

Going into the fourth week, you will start feeling a great deal better.

You'll be able to get around and perform light activities, as long as they aren't too strenuous. Your surgeon will instruct you to limit your lifting to 20 pounds for the first 6 weeks. Depending on the extent of your procedure, you may be able to do light exercise around the fourth week.

When Will I Be Completely Healed?

As time goes on, your side effects will diminish.

Most patients feel back to normal anywhere between three-to-six months. Some patients will experience odd sensations, some lingering soreness, or minor swelling for several months. It can take a year or more before these minor sensations go away for good.

During the last phase of healing, you may experience:

  • Sensations such as numbness, tingling, itching, pins and needles, or occasional soreness
  • Minor swelling when you wake, do something strenuous, or eat salty food - may come and go
  • Changes in scarring as you heal - scars will start off dark, raised, and firm; fade, flatten, soften over time

Tips for a Quick Recovery

First, use common sense and listen to your body.

After 3 months, patients have generally healed and can resume normal activities. But during that first year, if something feels uncomfortable or causes residual discomfort, pay attention. Your body is giving you a sign that it’s not quite ready for that particular activity. Slow down.

Keep your wound properly dressed in the beginning. Keep your incision sites out of direct sunlight and wear your compression garments as long as necessary. Consult with your doctor if you have specific concerns regarding your healing process. If you're unsure about anything, ask.

Ultimately, listen to your surgeon and do what they say. It will make your recovery period go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

What Is the Next Step?

Surgery is a big decision, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. As with any procedure, the Mommy Makeover requires a period of recovery. It’s important to be realistic, but anyone can get through a little discomfort to get their pre-baby body back.

If you’re curious and want to find out more, you can download "Beauty for Life" here. This free e-Book is your guide to understanding the concerns, considerations, and treatments that are most popular for people of all ages.

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