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Are You A Candidate For A Cosmetic Procedure?

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Are You a Candidate For A Cosmetic Procedure?


We believe that nothing should stand between you and your health, beauty, and self confidence.

The best option for determining if you are a candidate for a cosmetic procedure is to schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation for an in-person evaluation. [Button/Link]

But for those who are from out-of-town, have serious time constraints, or prefer to remain in the the privacy and comfort of their own home, we are pleased to offer two alternative options so that you receive a preliminary evaluation:

1. Take Our Cosmetic Self Evaluation: Our quick, 2 minute Cosmetic Self Evaluation can help learn whether you are a candidate for a Cosmetic Procedure.

2 Minute Self Evaluation



2. Request A Virtual Consultation: You may tell us more information about your concerns and receive a preliminary evaluation from Dr. Fan using our Virtual Consultation link here. You will also have the option of receiving a call to discuss your results.

Virtual Consult

Of course, you are always welcome to contact us at any time via telephone, email, or online.

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