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Preview Your Results with Crisalix 3D

See What’s Possible Before You Have Surgery

Ever wonder what it would be like to preview what’s possible before your surgery?

Now you can with Crisalix, available through 77 Plastic Surgery in San Francisco. The first web-based 3D simulation app for plastic surgery, Crisalix lets us take your regular photos and turn them into 3D simulations that can give you an idea of your results. Visualize your changes before they actually happen and walk away feeling confident that you made the best decision for your body.

How It Works

During your consultation, your surgeon will take 3 pictures of you: front facing, left side, and right side. The images will then be loaded to the Crisalix application, and it will compose a 3D image that shows your body from multiple angles. Your surgeon can put the specifics of your procedure into the system and let you preview your results, right on your own body.

See For Yourself

See firsthand how easy and helpful it is to use Crisalix 3D:


Ready To Start?

Call us today for your complimentary consultation or schedule a complimentary consultation online and see Crisalix in action for yourself. Our expert plastic surgeons are ready to help you plan for your journey to a new you.


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