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Are you looking to improve your appearance but overwhelmed by all of the treatment options available?

Follow our easy 7 step process to learn whether plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment is right for you:

  • Learn about cosmetic services
  • See examples of real work
  • Find out if you're a candidate
  • Schedule a free beauty consultation
  • Learn about fees & financing
  • Ask Dr. Fan a question
  • Discover the 77 Plastic Surgery difference


Step 1: Learn About Our Cosmetic Services

We offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic services including cosmetic surgery, nonsurgical cosmetic treatments, and skin care, so you can be sure to get the right treatment for you.

Learn more about our services here:

A full list of our services can be found here:

You may also find this two books Dr. Fan has written helpful:

Step 2: View Our Work

Dr. Fan has a reputation for producing long-lasting, outstanding results that look completely natural for thousands of patients. His patient photo gallery speaks for itself.


Step 3: Find Out If You're A Candidate

Are you wondering if you're a candidate for cosmetic treatment?

Take our free online self-evaluation now:


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Step 4: Schedule A Free Beauty Consultation

Are you ready to take the first step to a new you?

We're pleased to offer you a free beauty consultation with Dr. Fan and his team.

Call us now at (415) 655-7546 (SKIN) or book online:

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Step 5: Learn About Fees & Financing

Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is an investment in your appearance and well-being.

Learn more about costs and financing:

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Step 6: Ask Dr. Fan A Question

Why Dr. Larry Fan & 77 Plastic Surgery


Larry Fan, MD

Dr. Larry Fan is an award winning, Harvard educated, and nationally recognized plastic surgeon. He is a progressive, compassionate thinker who is committed to achieving the highest levels of excellence and the very best aesthetic results. Dr. Fan is an expert facelift surgeon who is known for achieving natural beauty, never “overdone.”
Meet Dr. Fan

Harvard Trained & One of America's Top Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Fan is known for his elegant sense of artistry and refined surgical skills. He will perform your surgery with expert, world-class execution and has the results to prov


Exceptional Results & Award Winning Care

Dr. Fan and his team are committed to providing you with exceptional care, counseling, and support before, during, and after surgery. We take pride and joy in caring for you and have received numerous awards for our compassionate care.


State-of-the-Art Office & Private Surgery Center

Come relax in our beautiful office and enjoy the comfort, safety, and privacy of our fully accredited onsite private surgery center.