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Skin, Spa, and Non-Surgical

Looking great doesn’t always require surgery.

In fact, our medical spa, dermatology, and wrinkle smoothing injectable and laser skin treatments are some of our most popular treatments for both first-time clients as well as returning patients.

Patients love that we offer integrated cosmetic services from medical spa to skin care and dermatology to non-surgical cosmetic treatments all the way to cosmetic surgery when the time is right, all under the direct supervision of board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Fan, so that you achieve a more youthful, refreshed look at every stage of life.

You can learn more about our skin and non-surgical services below.



Medical Spa

Not all medical day spas are the same. At 77 Plastic Surgery, you benefit from the education and training of our skilled aesthetic staff under the guidance of exceptional plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Every treatment is performed with extreme precision and accuracy so that you can enjoy maximum results with minimum side effects.

Medical day spa services are commonly chosen by people who want big benefits without a big commitment. These procedures are intended to delivery results quickly and without a lot of downtime. At 77 Plastic Surgery, med spa treatments are as popular among first-time clients as they are with returning patients.

Your Options:

Ultherapy Skin Lifting


Chemical Peels


Acne Treatments 


Coming Soon: Skin Care Products

Coming Soon: Skin Care Shop


Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments (Lasers, Injectables, and More)

Science has taken anti-aging to a new level with nonsurgical options like wrinkle smoothing injectables, fillers, and laser skin resurfacing. At 77 Plastic Surgery, we evaluate all new products and devices for safety, effectiveness, and comfort before offering it to out-patients. This ensures that you receive only the most powerful and proven technology for skin rejuvenation in San Francisco.

On top of all of this, all of our nonsurgical facial cosmetic treatments are performed personally by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Fan. Dr. Fan understands that the skill level and knowledge of a nurse, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or general medical doctor simply can’t compare to the expertise of a board certified plastic surgeon. Because Dr. Fan wants to provide the very best results for our patients, he insists on performing all Botox, filler, and laser treatments himself. Dr. Fan has successfully performed thousands of treatments utilizing his extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, well-developed aesthetic eye, and surgeon’s skill and precision.

There is no doubt a good skin care regimen will improve the appearance of your skin. But for deep and lasting improvements, deeper foundational treatments such as laser skin resurfacing may be needed.

Your Options:

Wrinkle Smoothing: Botox / Dysport / Xeomin

Wrinkle Smoothing: Fillers (Juvederm / Restylane / Radiesse / Belotero / Sculptra)

Skin Rejuvenation: Laser & IPL 

Skin Rejuvenation: Chemical Peels

Skin Lifting: Ultherapy

Excessive Sweating: miraDry / miraSmooth

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction: CoolSculpting No Surgery Fat Reduction

Non-Surgical Chin Fat Reduction: Kybella

Aging & Wellness: Sotto Pelle Hormone Replacement Therapy

Coming Soon: Cellulite Treatments

Coming Soon: Vein Treatments

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Dermatology & Skin Care

 A good skin care routine will improve the health and appearance of your skin. Our Board Certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists can develop a personalized skin care regimen designed specifically for you.

We also offer a full range of medical dermatology, skin cancer, and cosmetic dermatology services under the care of our board certified dermatologists.