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Renuvion J-Plasma

Skin Tightening

Revolutionary skin tightening technology uses plasma energy for long term results. 

Should You Consider Renuvion?

Tighten and rejuvenate loose skin without the need for invasive surgery or extended downtime.

Loss of tissue elasticity and tone is a hallmark of aging skin. It is the characteristic change that makes one start to look older than one feels inside.

Facelifts, tummy tucks, and body sculpting have been the most common approach to address sagging or loose skin for many years. Many patients would like to turn back the clock in regards to their skin laxity and wrinkles, but would rather not have such invasive procedures.

Until recently, no surgical procedure or energy source achieved consistent significant tightening without an extensive recovery. Renuvion with J Plasma Technology is the latest procedure to revolutionize our aesthetic industry by providing effective skin tightening with minimal downtime and long lasting results.


Are You A Candidate?

Our Skin Rejuvenation Self Evaluation can help you decide if Renuvion is the right procedure for you.


Renuvion Overview

Loose Skin on the Face and Body have met their match

Renuvion delivers even, controlled plasma energy with exceptional precision. Renuvion applies energy beneath the skin, causing a contraction and tightening effect that’s gentle on tissue and noticeable immediately afterwards. The effect of the treatment may continue to improve over time, resulting in younger looking skin for a longer amount of time. 

From the jawline and jowls to the calves, J-Plasma Renuvion can tone any area of skin laxity with discreetly placed scars about five millimeters in length. Traditional procedures leave unsightly arm, abdomen and thigh scars and result in prolonged recovery and severely limited activity. With J-Plasma Renuvion, you can expect progressive tightening and a rapid return to normal life.



Are You Bothered By Loose Skin? 

You may be a good candidate for Renuvion J Plasma Skin Tightening if you are bothered by loose skin:

  • Bothered by loose skin of your face and/or body
      • Neck
      • Abdomen
      • Arms
      • Inner and outer thighs
      • Back
      • Flanks or sides
      • Hips
      • Buttocks
      • Legs, including knees and calves
  • If you do not want invasive surgery or the accompanying scarring and downtime.

It’s important to be in good overall health, to be a non-smoker, and to have realistic expectations.



4 Key Steps To Tighter Skin

Step 1

Before treatment, Dr. Fan will review the treatment plan that is customized for your concerns and needs.

Step 2

Local anesthesia or general anesthesia is provided for safety and comfort

Step 3

Small incisions will be made to serve as entry points for the Renuvion cannula. 

Step 4

See immediate tightening and build collagen over the next few months. Swelling and tenderness will occur and you will be sent home same day in a garment to help with recovery.  


The Results are Seen Instantly

Immediately after your procedure, you will see visibly tighter, firmer skin. In addition, collagen rebuilding will continue to work over time, firming and rejuvenating the treatment area even further.

There should be minimal swelling, and the small incisions should leave little or no scarring. You can expect your results to be relatively permanent, as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and understand that your skin will continue to age naturally. 


Choosing The Right Provider

Skin tightening is a technically demanding procedure that requires the highest level of skill. For this reason, it is very important that you choose a provider that is highly skilled and experienced. You should also remember that no single technique is appropriate or “best” for all patients and that facial enhancement should be individualized just for you depending on your goals and facial characteristics. Dr. Fan believes that less is more and will use the simplest, safest, and most reliable procedure to help you look younger.

Dr. Fan is highly experienced with non-invasive and minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments, so he will be able to help you understand the benefits, expected results, risks, and limitations of each type of treatment so that you can decide whether a non-surgical or surgical treatment is best for you. 

Dr. Fan is known for his elegant sense of artistry and refined surgical skills. You will look rested, refreshed, younger, and natural.

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How Much Does Renuvion Cost?

Renuvion procedures are completely individualized treatments, so it is impossible to provide a single total cost that applies across the board. Treatment pricing varies depending on the patient's needs and what areas need to be addressed. It is best to contact us for a FREE QUOTE

We offer a range of patient financing plans including low monthly payment plans and plans for those with suboptimal credit histories.

You can find more information about our Financing plans here

See Your Results

A Fresher and Younger You

Any area on the body can use J-Plasma Renuvion for skin tightening. The most popular areas for treatment include:

  • Abdomen
  • Breasts
  • Back
  • Arm
  • Thighs
  • Neck

The procedure can be done in-office or under general anesthesia and can be paired with liposuction for even greater results. With minimal downtime and recovery, you can go back to your life right away as a younger looking you.  


j plasma renuvion neck before and after

j plasma renuvion abdomen before and after

j plasma renuvion arms before and after




Renuvion J-Plasma Skin Tightening FAQ

What is Renuvion J-Plasma?
J-Plasma Renuvion represents a paradigm shift in the way that we can resurface skin from above and tighten skin from below the skin’s surface. This next generation technology uses cold atmosphere plasma (CAP) to achieve a previously unobtainable level of tissue tightening and improvement. Loss of tissue elasticity and tone is a hallmark of aging skin. It is the characteristic change that makes one start to look older than one feels inside. Until recently, no surgical procedure or energy source achieved consistent significant tightening without an extensive recovery. Whether ultrasonic liposuction is used in conjunction with J-Plasma or not, there is hardly an area of the body that cannot be treated.
What is plasma energy?

Plasma is an ionized gas consisting of positive ions and free electrons in proportions resulting in more or less no overall electric charge, typically at low pressures (as in the upper atmosphere and in fluorescent lamps) or at very high temperatures (as in stars and nuclear fusion reactors). So what does this mean for you as a patient?

Cold plasma is nothing more than a type of energy that is made when helium a stable gas with combined with radiofrequency. It requires little energy to become effective at causing the desired skin changes. As the name implies, the energy is cold and not hot thus causing less thermal damage to skin and surrounding tissues. Renuvion J-Plasma will have less risk and damage to the tissue because of the cold energy. No current devices such as lasers, ultrasounds or the latest in radiofrequency can create this kind of skin rejuvenation safely with cold energy.

How does J-Plasma energy work better than traditional laser energy?

Cold Plasma is created when a helium gas is energized by radiofrequency to provide much more precise and powerful energy though the J-plasma handpiece. Because Helium gas is very stable, it can be ionized at very low energy levels providing precise and safe delivery. Because cold plasma is cooler than laser energy, it provides less damage to the surrounding tissue for a safe and quicker recovery than lasers, ultrasound and radiofrequency devices currently used in cosmetic surgery. 

What areas can be treated?
Renuvion J-Plasma can be done practically anywhere on the body that there is loose skin. It is most commonly performed on the neck, abdomen, flanks, upper arms, inner thighs & back skin bulge under the bra. For women who have loose skin post pregnancy or excessive weight loss where liposuction is not enough and a tummy tuck is not desired.
What is the recovery time?

The Renuvion energy penetrates deep into the underlying tissues so swelling and tenderness is to be expected. That being said, many patients find this completely tolerable and manageable with medication (if needed) and are up and about the day after surgery. For limited areas, most patients only require Motrin or Tylenol during recovery. For more extensive areas, we do prescribe narcotic pain medication. However in our experience, patients usually only take the medication for the first couple of days.

Who are the best candidates for Renuvion?
J-Plasma Renuvion is an excellent modality for patients with mild to moderate skin excess who do not want scars, incisions or extended downtime. For the subcutaneous plasma treatment, any skin type is a good candidate. For the facial resurfacing hand-piece, only those with lighter skin types are candidates.
How many Renuvion J-Plasma treatments will I need?

J-Plasma Renuvion is typically a single treatment. You will start seeing results soon after surgery, but the skin continues to tighten over the next several months and up to a year as the skin remodels and deposits new collagen.

Is Renuvion J-Plasma painful?
Renuvion J-Plasma is said to be relatively pain-free. However, patients do receive local anesthesia, sometimes accompanied by an oral sedative. Patients may experience mild discomfort during the procedure and in the hours after the anesthesia wears off
Is general anesthesia required?

Typically, no. A local anesthetic is usually all that is required. However, Renuvion J-Plasma can be done under general anesthesia inconjunction with another procedure, like liposuction or tummy tuck to enhance results. 

How long do the results last?

Although the results are dramatic and long-lasting, as with any cosmetic surgical procedure the results are not entirely permanent as the effects of aging over time will still occur. Despite this, procedures such as J-plasma will absolutely help to prolong and postpone the aging process.

Is the procedure safe?

Yes, Renuvion has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment for skin tightening.


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I did a lot of research before choosing to have a costly elective procedure, and I’m glad I did. Dr. Fan is an exceptional surgeon. He has a remarkable sense of aesthetics. He made suggestions and recommendations I would not have come up with on my own but afterwards saw he’d been absolutely right about. In addition to all of this, he is a genuinely kind person. I have no regrets and if I were going to have anything done in the future I would go back to Dr. Fan."*

— -Ms. A

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