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Fees & Financing

Plastic surgery is an investment in your appearance and well-being, but we believe that patients should not feel anxious about asking, How much does it cost?

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How Much Does It Cost?

Your treatment with us should be a positive experience, and you should feel comfortable about the financial aspect of the experience.

The honest truth about costs is that they vary from patient to patient depending on your individual condition and needs. One of our providers will need to meet you during a consultation to give you an accurate cost estimate. You can find a general range of costs by looking at the “Pricing” page that can be entered by submitting your email address below.


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A Second Word on Costs

Not all surgeons are equal. You only have one face and one body, so choosing the right surgeon is the single most important choice you will make.  The most skilled surgeons are usually not the cheapest, and Dr. Fan is no exception owing to the exacting nature of his practice.

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Financing Options

We offer several financing options for our patients who desire a deferred payment plan. Care Credit, Alphaeon Credit and PatientFi are large, reputable organizations who provide plans that are specifically designed for cosmetic surgery, affordable monthly payments, and low interest rates. Please click on the logos to apply directly for CareCredit, Alphaeon Credit and PatientFi. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Online loan approvals can be more difficult to obtain than loan applications collected in person, so please contact our Patient Care Coordinator for personal assistance if you are not initially approved online.






We are not a contracted provider for any health insurance. If your visit is for medical services, we will provide you with the necessary medical information so that you may submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Cosmetic services are not covered by any insurance plans. 


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To find out more about our cosmetic procedures please contact us or take our online cosmetic self evaluation to find out what procedures might be best for you. If you would like to request a complimentary cosmetic consultation or skin care evaluation, please schedule your free consultation online, or call us at 415-655-SKIN (7546) and one of our helpful staff members will schedule your appointment.


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Appointment Etiquette & Cancellation Policy

As a courtesy, we confirm appointments 72 hours in advance and we ask that you guarantee your initial consultation against late cancellation using your Visa or Mastercard. Should you find that you need to reschedule your appointment, please be sure to provide at least 48 business hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee of $150. All patients charged a Late Cancellation Fee will be awarded a $150 gift certificate that is usable at 77 Plastic Surgery within 6 months. Thank you for your understanding, as we reserve a significant amount of time and resources for your visit.

To ensure that all of clients receive full attention, please plan to arrive approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled time. If you are running late, we appreciate a phone call. Your consultation is very thorough. Expect to spend up to an hour and a half with us for your initial consultation.

Payment Options

Payment for surgery is due two weeks prior to surgery. Payment of all other services, both medical and cosmetic, are due at the time of service.

Payments are accepted in the form of:


Please note that we do NOT accept payments via barter, Venmo, Paypal, Google Pay, or other means.