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Led by our board certified dermatologists, 77 Plastic Surgery offers comprehensive medical and cosmetic dermatology services to patients of all ages.

Explore Conditions:

Acne / Acne Scarring

We offer the widest range of acne treatments as well as solutions for acne scarring and prevention of future acne. Acne is an extremely common skin condition, affecting both teenagers and adults. Acne can also have devastating effects on one’s self-confidence and social life. We can help you achieve clear, beautiful skin and help you maintain it as well.


Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a common skin condition characterized by red, flaking, itching, dry skin. Severe cases can also include crusting, blistering, oozing, or bleeding. Eczema can be very uncomfortable to live with, but it can be managed with proper care.

Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can be a very embarrassing and troublesome condition.

miraDry is a safe, clinically proven, FDA-cleared solution for significantly reducing underarm sweat. miraDry works by delivering precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm area, eliminating the underarm sweat glands. miraDry is the only lasting solution to help treat hyperhidrosis.

Temporary relief from excessive sweating of the underarms, palms, and soles can be achieved using Botox to block the chemical signals from the nerves to the sweat glands.


Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are an inevitable part of the aging process and can detract from a person’s natural beauty. There are many different types of wrinkles, ranging from shallow to deep and occurring in various locations on the face, neck, chest, and hands. Good genes may allow a person to remain wrinkle-free until later in life, while others show sun or smoking damage earlier in life.

No matter the type or cause of your wrinkles, we offer a wide range of skin care services, injectables, and laser and light therapies to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restore your youthful natural beauty.



Melasma is a dark discoloration of the skin. There are various treatments for melasma that are effective and can return the skin to an even tone. We will discuss the best treatment options during your consultation.


Pigment Problems (Brown Spots, etc.)

Pigmentation problems in the skin can include dark spots from sun damage (age spots), melasma, birthmarks, and hyper (dark) or hypo (light) pigmentation. Unwanted pigmentation can cause a mottled, uneven skin tone that detracts from a person’s natural beauty. In addition, sudden changes in pigmentation, such as a new mole or a suspicious dark spot, can be a potential sign of skin cancer, and should be evaluated immediately by a dermatologist.

We are experienced with diagnosing and treating all kinds of pigmentation problems in the skin. If you are worried about a new mole or want to reduce the appearance of sun damage or birthmarks, contact us for an in-person evaluation.


Rosacea is a condition characterized by redness and sometimes small bumps, mainly on the face, although it can also appear on the neck, chest, ears, or scalp. Rosacea affects around 3 million Americans, and while it can’t be permanently treated, it can be managed through various treatments such as topicals, oral medicines, chemical peels, and energy based treatments.


Unsightly scarring can arise from acne, trauma, surgery, or other conditions. While once present a scar can never be completely erased, but its appearance can be softened using a variety of treatments. We are experienced at treating all kinds of scars.

Skin Cancer

Any kind of cancer diagnosis can be frightening and overwhelming, but it is important to remember that not only is skin cancer the most often diagnosed form, it is also the easiest to treat — especially when diagnosed early. Whether you have been diagnosed or have noticed a skin abnormality, it is critical to work with a dermatologist as soon as possible to get thorough, effective treatment.

scar treatment
skin laxity

Skin Laxity

As we age, our bodies produce less collagen and elastic, which are two substances necessary for keeping skin tight, supple, and elastic. As our elasticity breaks down, our skin begins to lose its battle with gravity and starts to thin, sag, and droop. This can create unflattering hollows in the cheeks and temples, not to mention jowls and a turkey neck as well as loss of facial definition and contour. Skin laxity is a major concern for both men and women as they get older, and it can cause an older, tired appearance that belies how we feel inside.

Our team of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and cosmetic professionals are experts in the art of turning back time on the face and restoring your skin to its youthful condition.

Skin Resurfacing

Age, genetics, and sun exposure are just a few of the factors that can contribute to skin concerns such as wrinkles, dark spots, and uneven skin tone and texture. These concerns affect many men and women, and can detract from a person’s natural beauty. Skin resurfacing is a proven method of skin rejuvenation that can address a wide range of skin issues, and we offer a variety of skin resurfacing treatments that can help you achieve refreshed, rejuvenated skin.

Skin resurfacing is the process of creating tiny injuries in the skin that stimulate the dermis to produce more collagen, which leads in turn to plumper, firmer skin with a more even skin tone. There are different types of skin resurfacing, including laser skin resurfacing, microneedling, chemical peels, and dermabrasion.  Each type of skin resurfacing can help address different issues, and we will help you receive a custom treatment plan that takes into account your goals and skin type.

Skin Tightening

As we age, our skin starts losing volume due a decrease in the amount of collagen produced. This loss of volume, combined with the effects of gravity, sun damage, and age, can lead to sagging, drooping, lax skin.

This lax skin can lead to “turkey neck,” prominent jowls, and less defined contour of the face and neck. Many women don’t like the look of their sagging skin, feeling like it makes them look older and obscures their best features and natural beauty.

The team at 77 Plastic Surgery understands their patients’ concerns, and we offer a full range of non-surgical and surgical skin tightening procedures that can help women with lax skin regain their youthful looks.

Spider Veins

Do spider veins on your legs make you feel too self-conscious to show your legs in public? Do you find that makeup still does not do enough to cover a visible cluster of veins on your face? These small blue, red, or purplish lines can be effectively treated with one or a combination of treatments available at 77 Plastic Surgery in San Francisco.

Stubborn Fat

Are you self-conscious about small areas of fat or dimpled skin? We offer a full range of non-surgical and surgical body contouring treatments that can help you get back into shape.

Sun Damage

Everyone goes out in the sun, but many people do not take adequate steps to protect their skin from UV rays. While sunscreen is common on the beach or at the pool, a lot of people don’t bother to wear it every day. However, sun damage can accumulate even during cloudy days and on days where your only sun exposure is during the commute to work. Sun damage is the main cause of premature aging, leading to wrinkles and sun spots.

Sun spots are the dark, pigmented areas that appear after years of sun exposure. The UV rays from the sun penetrate the skin, causing it to produce more melanin in an attempt to protect itself. Melanin is responsible for skin pigmentation, and excess melanin can cause dark spots. These spots only appear gradually over the years as a result of not protecting the skin carefully enough and are a tell-tale sign of age. Sun spots are generally harmless, if unsightly, but it is important to have any unusual spots checked out by a board-certified dermatologist in order to make sure they are not cancerous. Skin cancer is easily preventable through use of sunscreen and other skin protection, but it is the most common type of cancer among Americans. We perform skin cancer screenings and are equipped to treat most kinds of skin cancer.

spider vein treatment
volume loss from aging

Volume Loss

Volume loss is a common side effect of growing older. As we age, our skin stops producing collagen and elastin, which are two essential substances for keeping skin firm and elastic. A lack of collagen and elastin means that wrinkles form more easily, and facial contour can start to lose definition due to skin beginning to sag. In addition, hollows can form in the cheeks and temples that cast unflattering shadows and cause people to look older than they are.

We offer a wide variety of treatments that can help to restore volume and definition to the face.

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