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CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction vs. Renuvion J-Plasma vs. Tummy Tuck - Which Is Best for Me?

Despite all your efforts with diet and exercise, it just happened: a busy lifestyle and 2 children later, and you have a flabby tummy. The good thing is you have four convenient ways to flatten your tummy, but only one question: CoolSculpting vs liposuction , liposuction vs tummy tuck, Renuvion J-Plasma vs tummy tuck; which is best for me?

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6 Before and After Tummy Tuck Photos That Will Make You Want One Yourself

Even if you watch your weight through clean eating and an active lifestyle, it is still possible to have the dreaded belly pooch and sagging abdominal skin. Both are quite common after having a baby or losing a significant amount of weight. Both skin and muscle tend to overly stretch but do not return to their original shape.

Crunches and low-carb diets aside, a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is the surest way to get rid of the unattractive belly flab.

If you’re keen about the procedure but slightly apprehensive because it’s an invasive surgery requiring a significant amount of downtime, learning from real-life tummy tuck patient stories is a good way to visualize outcomes. Through these stories, you will also get the opportunity to evaluate a tummy tuck surgeon’s aesthetic approach in performing the procedure.

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Can a Hybrid Tummy Tuck Give You the Body You Want Without Obvious Scars?

Having a baby. Losing weight. These are two accomplishments that can make you feel proud and happy.

The downside?

The appearance of unsightly excess skin and weakened muscles in the abdominal area are two possible trade-offs that you may have to deal with.

Regular exercise routines and healthy eating habits cannot always get rid of a stubborn belly pooch or sagging skin. Most of the time, patients visit us at our San Francisco practice to inquire about liposuction to address these unwanted trade-offs. Often, we tell these patients that liposuction alone can’t repair the weakened abdominal muscles nor remove the loose, flabby skin.

If you’re having these issues, it’s time to consult with a plastic surgeon to see if you’re a good candidate for a Tummy Tuck.

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How Much Does a Mini Tummy Tuck Cost?

We receive a lot of questions from people about tummy tucks. Every so often, a patient who needs a tummy tuck is turned off by the scars or the possibility of extended recovery times.

Eventually, the discussion turns to the possibility of a mini tummy tuck.

Unlike a full tummy tuck, which requires a full bikini line incision to remove large amounts of fat and loose, abdominal skin, a mini tummy tuck only removes a small amount of extra, loose skin through a limited bikini line incision. When deemed appropriate, the abdominal muscles below the belly button may be tightened.

In most cases, a mini tummy tuck doesn’t require an incision above the belly button.

The smaller scars and the lesser invasiveness of the mini tummy tuck make it an attractive procedure for a lot of people, and the number one question on their mind is usually, "How much it will cost?"

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How to Find the Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon and Get the Best Results

Quick fact: for the most part, overly stretched abdominal skin will not return to its normal shape.

After childbirth or significant weight loss, a lot of women deal with loose skin hanging over their pubic bone. No matter how often they plank or deny themselves of carbs, nothing can help them lose sagging skin.

It doesn't help that they have to wrestle with the appearance of stretch marks too.

The good news is a tummy tuck can take care of the flabby stomach and skin woes that diet and exercise cannot.

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10 Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips and Hints from Award-Winning Plastic Surgeon Larry Fan

Finding an experienced tummy tuck surgeon and having the operation is only half the battle of getting the best tummy tuck results possible. Your tummy tuck recovery makes up the other half.

By and large, your ability to conscientiously comply with post-surgery instructions will make a huge difference between mediocre and great outcomes. You have to strike a balance between speeding up recovery, so you can resume your daily routine as soon as possible, and not disrupting the healing process.

Most women want to regain their pre-baby body or have a tighter and more toned tummy, especially after shedding the excess pounds. Regardless of your motivations, these 10 tips from award-winning plastic surgeon Dr. Larry Fan will give you a head start on recovering from a tummy tuck like a pro!

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How to Use Smart Tummy Tuck Financing Options to Finally Get the Figure You Want

At our plastic surgery practice in San Francisco, we often get a lot of questions concerning tummy tuck financing. We understand if you’re concerned about the popular body contouring procedure truly being within your budget.

The good news is that a tummy tuck isn’t limited to celebrities and the wealthy anymore these days. With smart planning and the right financing resources, you don’t have to rely on a trust fund or a six-figure income to afford a tummy tuck.

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