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How Much Does Double Chin Surgery Cost?

As we age, we all deal with the unkindness of gravity. Things start to droop and sag. Unfortunately, the jawline and chin are not immune.

Even slender people may find themselves with the dreaded double chin.

Fortunately, there are several proven neck contouring options that can get rid of a double chin. Doing so will give you a younger, and even slimmer, appearance with a more defined jawline to frame your face and create balance.

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The Savvy Patient’s Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) Price Guide

The fountain of youth remains elusive but there is a solution to aging with grace and beauty. Lifestyle changes, creams, and serums can work wonders to fight the aging process. Yet the transformative results of blepharoplasty surgery, or an eye lift, is one of the most effective ways of “wiping the years away.”

Your smile may be bright but your personality shines through your eyes!

If under eye bags and droopy eyelids show the world a view different from the vibrant personality inside, a blepharoplasty may be just what's needed to align your inner and outer beauty.

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How Much Does Nose Surgery Cost in San Francisco?

People choose to have nose surgery for many different reasons. But in all cases, one of the most important questions asked is, "how much will my nose surgery cost?"

In San Francisco, the cost of rhinoplasty ranges from $15,500 to $50,000. Yes, that's a pretty wide range of costs. However, in plastic surgery there are no cookie cutter procedures, nor should there be.

A skilled plastic surgeon approaches each patient’s needs in a unique way in order to achieve the results they desire. For this reason, it’s impossible to say, “all rhinoplasties cost this much."

With that in mind, there are three major factors that influence the cost of surgery. We'll explore them below to give you a better idea of what your nose surgery might cost.

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Guide to Choosing the Best Facial Rejuvenation Procedures For You

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Perhaps you didn’t think that age and gravity could change your appearance, so much, so soon.

In today’s world, our appearance gives our first impression to the world, and age-related changes can have a negative impact on our professional and personal lives when we’re perceived as tired or angry.

If you have ever wanted to look younger or less tired, facial cosmetic surgery may be worth considering.

Whether you want to brighten tired eyes or lift sagging jowls, choosing the best treatments for facial rejuvenation can be downright intimidating with so many options available.

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How to Choose the Best Facelift Surgeon Without Feeling Overwhelmed

When deciding to undergo a medical procedure, especially one that affects your appearance, it’s imperative to make sure you choose the best surgeon for the job.

For a facelift, this is especially true.

You don’t want just anyone working on your face. You want a plastic surgeon who is skilled and experienced in delivering amazing facelift results.

How do you find and choose the right plastic surgeon for your facelift?

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Brow Lift vs. Eyelid Surgery: Which is Best for Me?

There's an old Romanian proverb that says, "The eyes have one language, everywhere."

Your facial expressions and the way others perceive you have a lot to do with the eyes. They can be bright and full of life, giving everyone around you a sense of joy. Or, they can be dull and weary, presenting a sense of fatigue or anger. One way or the other, your eyes silently communicating to the world.

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How Much Younger Will I Look After a Facelift?

When you look in the mirror, are you happy with the person you see gazing back?

Do you look as young as you feel?

If you answered no to those questions, you may be a good candidate for a facelift. While 95% of facelift patients are happy they had the operation, it’s still not a decision to take lightly. Asking the right questions and seeking the counsel of a trustworthy plastic surgeon are the best ways to determine if a facelift is right for you.

One question we’re asked quite often is, "How much younger will a facelift make me look?"

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The Best Procedures and Treatments for Sagging Cheeks

When she smiles, it’s infectious.

Her lips curl up slightly to reveal deep dimples. Her adorable, freckled nose wrinkles. Her prominent cheekbones display plump, taut skin.

It doesn’t matter if she is a popular supermodel or the girl next door...

She's confident, and it shows!

Confidence captivates with infectious power. Everyone wants it, yet it remains out of reach for so many.

As we age, the confidence we once had can begin to fade. We glance in mirrors and see wrinkles, sagging cheeks, and drooping that wasn't there in our youth.

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Chemical Peel vs Laser Skin Resurfacing: Which Is Best?

Deciding between a chemical peel and a laser skin resurfacing treatment is often confusing, as the words laser and chemical bring images of harsh procedures to mind. In reality, laser skin resurfacing treatments and chemical peels are rejuvenating, not damaging. Both help to restore a healthy, youthful, glow.

To determine which treatment is best for your individual skin type and needs, read on, and learn a bit more about the advantages each procedure provides.

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How to Choose the Best Injectable Filler Provider

Every patient considering injectable filler treatments wants to achieve natural and noticeable results. After all, you only have one face. Spending several months with unnatural, unsatisfactory results from poor injection technique can be devastating to your self-esteem. While injectable fillers are a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment, the injector's expertise is still a crucial component in getting the results you want.

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