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5 Liposuction Before-and-After Stories (And How to Get the Same Results)

What’s the one thing about your body that frustrates you?

For some, it’s, “having no butt!”. For others, it’s saggy breasts. Plenty of people have areas where those stubborn pockets of fat just won’t go away. We’re talking about love handles, muffin tops, bra rolls, and thigh fat.

For men, it’s often the extra fat in the chest area.

The wonderful news is that you can get the body shape you want, despite the stubbornness of some fat deposits in the body, through liposuction.

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How Much Does Liposuction Cost in San Francisco?

When deciding on liposuction, concerns about cost typically come up during first-time visits at our practice in San Francisco. And with good reason. After all, liposuction is a serious decision to make, and you should be able to get your money's worth.

If you’ve been considering liposuction for a while now, and are still unsure about costs and the financial commitment required from you, you’ve come to the right place.

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How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost in San Francisco?

CoolSculpting, a treatment that uses controlled cooling to freeze and reduce stubborn fat, is all the rage today for body sculpting.

And with good reason. Not only is CoolSculpting safe, effective, comfortable, FDA approved, and proven by the experience of more than 3 million treatments performed, it's completely non-surgical with no downtime.

Although CoolSculpting is not a replacement for liposuction (you can learn more about the differences between CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction here), it's no wonder that CoolSculpting has exploded in popularity.

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Celebrities with Butt Implants: The Good, The Booty, and The Ugly

From Aphrodite to Kim Kardashian, the buttocks have long played a role in defining female sexuality.

Although backsides come in various shapes and sizes, and what’s attractive to one person may not be to another, one thing is for certain — the bodacious booty is back.

In fact, 2015 was deemed the Year of the Rear by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, with buttock enhancement noted as the fastest growing type of cosmetic surgery.

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How Much Does a Mommy Makeover Cost in California?

Having kids can be wonderful, but it can also be hard on a mother's figure. Many moms are left with saggy stomachs, droopy breasts, and stubborn pockets of fat. What if diet and exercise aren't enough to make you look and feel better again?

Cue the Mommy Makeover.

A Mommy Makeover is the name for a series of procedures that are hand-picked to help you get your pre-pregnancy body back.

A popular question we get is: how much does a Mommy Makeover cost?

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The Complete Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Overview

For the past decade, no other body part has received more attention than the buttocks. It began with J.Lo and now there's Kim Kardashian. But make no mistake, the popularity of the derriere is not limited to just celebrities.

This rising popularity for large, curvaceous backsides all over the country has led to an increased demand for Brazilian Butt Lifts, too.

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How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

Once upon a time, women used girdles, bustles, and petticoats to create that much-desired hourglass shape. With the introduction of curve-hugging jeans and trousers in the mid-twentieth century, the old fashioned (and bulky) outfit enhancers were no longer useful.

Today’s fashions accentuate the waist and buttocks. Unfortunately, not all of us are genetically blessed with a Kardashian silhouette (perhaps not even the Kardashians). The good news is, having the perfect butt accompanied by a slim waistline is achievable through plastic surgery - specifically, the Brazilian Butt Lift.

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The Best Cosmetic Procedures For A Sagging Neck

Over time, gravity wreaks havoc on the neck and face. As we age, our supply of skin-firming collagen dwindles, and neck muscles and tissues begin to relax. Before you know it, you can have a full-blown case of a turkey neck staring back at you in the mirror.

Fixing a turkey neck is not simple, and in cases of sagging skin, surgery may be the only viable option to recapture the neck of your youth. Every person is different, and the best cosmetic procedure for your neck might not be the best for the next person.

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