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How to Know Which Facial Treatment Will Make You Look Younger

Signs of aging can have a significant impact on your appearance and the way you feel about yourself. Everyone wants to feel good about their appearance, but that's not easy to do when you look in the mirror and see sagging skin, deep folds, tired eyes, a disappearing jawline, or other imperfections.

Dr. Fan has performed hundreds of facial enhancement procedures and has counseled many women and men, helping them to recapture a youthful face. In this article, we'll examine the most popular facial rejuvenation treatments so you can get an idea of which procedure might be best for you.

Choosing the Right Procedure for a Younger Looking Face

There are many options available to correct the signs of aging or imperfections, and it's important to be informed about the different procedures.

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Facial Plastic Surgery Options

Traditional Facelift

The Facelift restores a youthful appearance and corrects age-related imperfections in the mid-to-lower face.

There are many different techniques used, but the goals of a facelift are excellent cheek volume, a smooth jawline, no excess fat or muscle laxity around the neck, and an absence of an "operated on" look.

Great candidates for a facelift are concerned about:

  • Deep folds around the mouth and nose
  • Loose skin and fat around the neck and jaw
  • Sagging tissue around the middle of the face

Neck Lift

A neck lift procedure is designed to reverse the signs of aging around the neck, including loose skin, sagging muscles, extra fat, and restore youthful, angular qualities to the lower face. It is similar to a facelift, but the focus is on the lower face and neck.

Great candidates for a neck lift are concerned about:

  • Extra neck skin
  • Mediocre skin elasticity
  • Loose muscles
  • Loss of youthful jaw angularity

Neck Liposuction

Neck Liposuction is an excellent option for removing persistent, unwanted fat in the chin and neck, giving you that youthful, angular lower face you desire. Unlike the neck lift, this procedure doesn't tighten muscles or skin. The focus is on the removal of fat, allowing the skin to shrink on its own.

This method is excellent for younger patients with good skin elasticity and muscle tone.

Great candidates for neck liposuction are concerned about:

  • Additional fat in the chin and neck

Brow Lift

The brow lift procedure, also called the forehead lift, focuses on the upper third of the face. The goal of this option is to restore a smooth, refreshed look by correcting signs of aging, such as a drooping brow or pronounced lines around the eyes and forehead. This procedure is often performed in tandem with other surgeries, like the traditional facelift or eyelid surgery.

Great candidates for a brow lift are concerned about:

  • Excess upper eyelid skin
  • Crow’s feet (lines near the eyes)
  • Low or asymmetric brow
  • Creases between and above the eyebrows
  • Misshapen brow

Eyelid Surgery

This procedure is also called blepharoplasty and is commonly known as an “eyelid lift." The goals of this surgery are to remove excess fat and drooping skin around the eyes and tighten skin around the upper and lower eyelids.

This corrects that tired, baggy, and droopy look and restores the youthful, refreshed look you're wanting. Depending on the problem area, lower or upper eyelid surgeries can be done independently of each other.

Great candidates for eyelid surgery are concerned about:

  • Tired-looking eyes
  • Excess fat around the eyes
  • Bagging or drooping skin around the eyes

Nose Surgery

The goal of a nose surgery is to give patients a more proportional nose. This procedure is designed to enhance your nose and produce satisfying results while retaining your unique character.

Great candidates for nose surgery are concerned about:

  • Large nose
  • Crooked nose
  • Hook nose
  • Nasal hump
  • Bulbous tip
  • Wide nostrils

Cheek Enhancement

Cheek enhancement can be accomplished by the use of facial implants. A facial implant is a silicone implant designed to augment a certain area of the face. Additionally, cheek enhancements can be accomplished through dermal fillers that are injected to restore skin volume.

The goal of these procedures is to enhance the cheek structure. It eliminates the sagging skin and wrinkles brought on by age, weight loss, or inadequate cheek structure to give you the full, youthful-looking cheeks you desire.

Great candidates for cheek enhancement are concerned about:

  • Sagging skin and wrinkles in the mid face
  • Lack of cheek projection

Chin Enhancement

This procedure is designed to add or reduce chin projection by reshaping the chin. This is achieved with the use of a chin implant, or through a slightly more complicated procedure called a sliding genioplasty. A sliding genioplasty moves the lower front portion of the jaw forward.

Great candidates for chin enhancement are concerned about:

  • An aesthetic imbalance caused by a weak chin

Chin surgery is most commonly used to correct an abnormally small chin, a condition known as microgenia.

Fat Transfer

While fillers can be used to restore volume to the face, they are temporary and need to be repeated. Fat transfer is a natural way to restore permanent volume to the face.

The goal of a fat transfer procedure is to restore youthful plumpness and contours and reverse the signs of aging. Fat is most commonly transferred to the cheeks but can also be used to fill smile lines and the hollow areas along the lower eyelids and in the temples, lips, nose, chin, and jawline.

Great candidates for fat transfer are concerned about:

  • Lost facial volume and skin elasticity
  • Facial wrinkles, lines, and indentations
  • Lack of facial contour

Choosing the Right Facial Rejuvenation Procedure

It's important to be empowered with knowledge and have an idea of which procedures you're most interested in exploring. However, you should always discuss the options and desired results with your plastic surgeon.

Other factors may need to be considered, such as your skin and health, and your doctor will help you make the right decisions. You want to be confident in the option you choose, and feel great about the results.


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Dr. Larry Fan is a Harvard educated, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in San Francisco, CA. He is a Master Artist who is known for creating beautiful, stunning, and natural results. Dr. Fan has been named One of America's Top Plastic Surgeons for the past 10 years running and has received several national awards for his work in Plastic Surgery. He has successfully performed more than 10,000 cosmetic procedures of the face, breasts, and body over a 20 year period. Dr Fan has been an invited speaker at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American College of Surgeons, and has been featured in national media outlets such as CNN, NBC, and ABC.

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