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How to Get Chin Liposuction in Less Than an Hour With Minimal Downtime

Liposuction is often associated with the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. But chin liposuction can help address double chin issues and dramatically improve one’s facial profile.

Are you sick of trying to camouflage the extra fat around your chin and neck? Chin liposuction has helped a lot of our patients say goodbye to turtlenecks and scarves forever.

Besides outstanding results, the minimal downtime of chin liposuction is an added bonus. Imagine having a toned jawline as soon as tomorrow morning.

Sounds great, right?

Before you run off to the nearest plastic surgeon for chin liposuction, let's slow down and explore the details of the procedure so you can determine if it's really a good fit for you.

Two More Quick Questions

Getting Chin Liposuction With Little Downtime

First off, chin liposuction refers to liposuction of the area of the neck under the chin. In medical terms, this is referred to as the submental region.

Keep in mind that the neck is also part of the submental space. For this reason, the terms chin liposuction and neck liposuction virtually refer to the same procedure. Although, in some cases, a neck liposuction may also involve getting rid of the jowls in addition to fat removal in the chin area.

Here’s a quick explanation of the chin liposuction procedure:

  1. Anesthesia: Chin liposuction usually requires local anesthesia, where the area to be treated is injected with a numbing solution. In some cases, twilight sedation or general anesthesia may be given.
  2. Incisions: Tiny incisions are made under the chin and behind each ear.
  3. Liposuction: Fat is carefully evacuated using a small, hollow metal tube (called a cannula) to reshape the chin and neck to the desired contours.
  4. Finishing: Afterwards, the small incisions are sealed with a single stitch. A snug dressing is applied to facilitate healing.

All of these steps take about half-an-hour to an hour, unless you opt for any additional procedures.

Does Chin Liposuction Hurt?

If local anesthesia alone is used, it will sting a little - like Novocain shots from a dentist.

However, once the local anesthesia has taken effect, the area will generally feel numb, so the treatment is mostly comfortable. For some patients, it can be a little unpleasant, much like getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist.

At our practice, when we’re asked about how liposuction with local anesthesia feels, we often describe the sensation as “generally tolerable, but not delightful.

Following the procedure, you should expect some temporary swelling, bruising, and minor bouts of numbness and/or tingling sensations. Most people are able to return to work after a few days, although minor swelling and funny sensations may persist for a few weeks.

How Much Does Chin Liposuction Cost?

In San Francisco, chin liposuction typically costs between $4,500-$8,500.

Like other types of plastic surgery, liposuction pricing varies based on the extent of the area requiring treatment and your surgeon of choice.

Geographical location also has an effect on the cost. In cities like San Francisco, for instance, you have access to some of the best plastic surgeons in the world, which means prices tend to be higher than other parts of the country.

Getting the Best Results

Chin liposuction is an effective treatment for the right patient. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that chin liposuction will not make you look "skinny," nor it will eliminate loose, hanging skin. Instead, liposuction is best suited for toning up areas that have deposits of extra fat.

Following liposuction, if your skin elasticity is relatively good, your skin may tighten on its own. However, for significant sagging or looseness of skin, additional procedures, like a neck lift, will be needed to give you a smooth chin and neck area.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is the most important step to accomplish your desired outcomes from chin liposuction.

This is really important: We recommend consulting with an experienced and honest surgeon who performs both liposuction and surgical neck lifts. They can recommend the right procedure to match your goals instead of trying to match your goals to their favorite procedure.

Read More: 14 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Avoiding Misinformation on Chin Liposuction

Like any other cosmetic procedure, there are many personal opinions and reviews found online.

Be careful when researching, in many cases, there are unprofessional opinions floated as scientific fact, as well as nefarious marketing techniques by less-than-honest companies.

When it comes to liposuction, here are a couple myths to watch out for:

Myth: Laser Liposuction is 'Better' Than Traditional Lipo

In spite of common claims, laser liposuction will not tighten loose skin. It is also not necessarily "safer" or "better" than other forms of liposuction. There is frankly no solid scientific evidence, at this point, to back up these claims.

Myth: Liposuction Chains are Preferable

We recommend steering clear of liposuction "chains."

Often, they’re not necessarily concerned with your welfare, or dedicated to helping you get the best results. Instead, they're more interested treating as many clients as possible. They prefer quantity over quality.

Many times, in liposuction clinics, a sales person, disguised as a beauty counselor, will typically perform the consultation. Then, an inexperienced plastic surgeon will perform the procedure in a rush. It’s also not uncommon to have a doctor with a different specialty entirely perform the procedure.

The goal is "how can we sell you liposuction?" rather than "is liposuction really right for you?" Then, if they do get you to buy, it's all about getting the procedure done quickly so they can get you out the door and move on to the next patient. As a result, your chin liposuction may be missing precision, thoroughness, or any sense of artistic touch.

What's The Next Step You Should Take?

Want to explore the possibility of chin liposuction?

The next step is to consult with a plastic surgeon you trust. There's no need to waste time and money pursuing chin liposuction if it's not the best procedure for your condition. It's best to let an expert diagnose your condition and make an expert, medically-sound recommendation on the treatment you need.

You can schedule a free in-person consultation with Dr. Fan. You can also click here take our online self-assessment quiz to determine whether or not you're a good fit for chin liposuction.

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Dr. Larry Fan is a Harvard educated, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in San Francisco, CA. He is a Master Artist who is known for creating beautiful, stunning, and natural results. Dr. Fan has been named One of America's Top Plastic Surgeons for the past 10 years running and has received several national awards for his work in Plastic Surgery. He has successfully performed more than 10,000 cosmetic procedures of the face, breasts, and body over a 20 year period. Dr Fan has been an invited speaker at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American College of Surgeons, and has been featured in national media outlets such as CNN, NBC, and ABC.

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