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Asian Eyelid Surgery

Asian eyelid surgery, also commonly known as the Asian double eyelid procedure or Asian blepharoplasty, is a procedure that creates a naturally looking fold that enhances the beauty of the Asian eye.

Should You Undergo Asian Eyelid Surgery?

Many Asians are born either without a crease or with a very small crease, creating the impression of heavy eyelids and an undesirable tiresome look.


Enhance Your Eyes

Asian eyelid surgery aims to enhance the Asian eye while maintaining your natural beauty and identity.


Complement Your Facial Features

With Asian blepharoplasty in San Francisco, a crease can be created in order to give a more vibrant aesthetic to the eye and overall face.


Asian eyelid surgery can enhance the eyes

Are You A Candidate?

Our Cosmetic Self Evaluation can help you decide if Asian blepharoplasty is the right procedure for you.


Double Eyelid Surgery Overview

Why Have Double Eyelid Surgery?

Asian blepharoplasty is one of the most popular procedures for Asian patients and one of the most impactful surgeries you can have.

Stop Looking Tired Or Sad

To create a crease, extra skin and fat deposits are skillfully removed to alleviate any heaviness and brighten the eye. Many of our patients who undergo double eyelid surgery are thrilled with the added space to their eyelid for makeup application.


Television personality Julie Chen before and after Asian eyelid surgery.


Do You Look Tired or Wish to Enhance Your Eye Shape and Size?

Asian blepharoplasty can be a good option if you feel that:

  • Your eyelids are heavy looking and cause you to look tired
  • You have excess eyelid skin that makes it difficult for you to see
  • You would like to enlarge and enhance the shape of your eye
  • You would like more lid space to apply eye makeup
  • You would like to discontinue using products such as eyelid tape and eyelid glue

Incision or No Incision?

The specific technique that will be used for your procedure is determined by a few factors, most notably your preferences, expectations and anatomy. While some patients may be good candidates for both incisional and non-incisional techniques, typically there is one technique that is obviously more beneficial to the patient.

A Positive Attitude and Realistic Expectations Matter

It’s important to be in good overall health, to be a non-smoker, to have a positive attitude, and to have realistic expectations.

Procedure Steps

A Safe and Convenient Procedure

Asian blepharoplasty is a commonly performed procedure and a much less daunting one compared to other cosmetic procedures. However, it is still important to understand what to expect before, during and after the procedure.

Asian double eyelid surgery is usually performed as an in-office procedure under local anesthesia. Most patients feel little or no pain during the procedure. There will be times where some pressure is felt but overall the procedure is very tolerable, lasting about 60 minutes.

Results Customized For You

A variety of techniques can be used to create a double eyelid. In some patients, small incisions and special suturing are used. In other patients, an incision is required. Some patients have heaviness of the upper eyelids caused by fat deposits, which require removal during surgery. As every patient is unique, Dr. Fan will select the most appropriate method for you during your consultation.

Incision Method

The incision method is the most commonly performed technique due to the effective and long-lasting results it produces. This technique involves removing extra skin and, in some cases, fat deposits in order to create the desired crease.

Suture (Non-Incision) Method

The suture method is a less invasive technique because it does not involve any incisions. A series of small holes are made in the eyelid where a suture is passed through the skin to the levator muscle, which is responsible for lifting the eyelid. The suture is permanently left in place and a crease is created. Though this method may sound appealing due to its less invasive nature, the results are typically less long lasting and revision procedures may need to be done.


Epicanthoplasty is the release of an epicanthal fold, which is the skin present in the inner corner of the eyes. This procedure is commonly performed in conjunction with double eyelid surgery in order to optimize the opening of the eye should a patient have excess skin of the inner eye.

Ptosis Repair

There are many patients that undergo blepharoplasty for ptosis repair, which involves the tightening of the levator muscle that raises the eyelid. It is difficult for someone with ptosis to see clearly due to the excess skin over their eyes and they are constantly having to raise their eyebrows in order to lift the extra skin off of their eyes. Undergoing ptosis repair can strengthen this muscle weakness, ultimately allowing the patient to have an improved field of vision.

What to Know After Asian Blepharoplasty

Recovery from asian blepharoplasty varies from patient to patient depending on the extent of procedures performed. Time off work is generally a few days to a week.

Expect Some Swelling After Surgery

The period following double-eyelid surgery can be disorienting due to swelling around the eyes. This swelling is normal so you should not be alarmed if your eyelids show redness, have some bruising or are swollen. These are all typical for blepharoplasty patients so it should not be unexpected.

Your swelling can be treated with cold compresses or ice applied to the eyelids. Bags of frozen peas purchased from the grocery store can even be used.

Pain is Mild and Controllable

Double eyelid surgery is usually painless. Should some pain result it will be mild, treatable by over the counter pain medicine or medication that will be prescribed for you by Dr. Fan. The primary limitation you’ll experience will be the swelling because it may impact your field of vision and your appearance.

Do Not Worry If Your Creases Look Too High During The Early Healing Period

During this initial time your eyelid creases will appear to be too rounded, uneven or even too high. This is a product of the swelling of your tissue and is only temporary. As the tissue softens the real, permanent results of your double eyelid surgery will become apparent. Do not be too concerned by how your eyelids look for the first few days and weeks.

Swelling is usually at its height on the first or second morning after your surgery. Again, this is normal and the true appearance of your eyelid creases will still not be clear at this time.

Following Doctor’s Orders is Crucial

What is important in the hours immediately following your blepharoplasty is that you:

  • Follow Dr. Fan’s instructions
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Use cold compresses on your eyelids

These guidelines will see you through that period of your recovery and put you on the path to getting the best cosmetic results possible from your double eyelid surgery.

Choosing A Surgeon

Do Your Homework

Asian blepharoplasty is a delicate procedure that requires a high degree of skill, experience, and artistry. You should choose a board certified plastic surgeon with a significant amount of experience in Asian blepharoplasty, such as Dr. Fan.

Dr. Fan is an Expert With Many Techniques

No two patients are alike so it is crucial that you work with a surgeon that understands your anatomy, your expectations and how to achieve the best results for you. Dr. Fan is well versed in the various techniques of asian blepharoplasty.

The Goal is to Help You Look Beautiful, Not Overdone

Dr. Fan is known for his elegant sense of artistry and refined surgical skills. You will look rested, refreshed, younger, and natural.

Learn More About Dr. Fan 


How Much Does Asian Blepharoplasty Cost?

The cost of asian blepharoplasty varies from patient to patient depending on the length and complexity of surgery. The cost of Asian blepharoplasty typically ranges from $10,000 to $20,000.

Choose Your Surgeon Wisely

The single most important choice you will make is choosing a great surgeon. You only have one pair of eyes, and you should choose wisely. The most skilled surgeons are generally not the cheapest.

We offer a range of patient financing plans including low monthly payment plans and plans for those with suboptimal credit histories.

You can find more information about our Financing plans here

See Your Results

Look Bright Eyed

Asian blepharoplasty will create a more desirable crease to open up the eyes to enhance the beauty of the asian eye.


Actual Patient Before & After Asian Blepharoplasty*


Asian Blepharoplasty FAQ

How do I choose the right crease height and shape for me?

The right crease height and shape are determined by, most importantly, your preference and your eye anatomy. During the consultation, Dr. Fan will listen to your desires and will give you his professional insight as to what would be best for you. 

Will my eyes look unnatural?

Dr. Fan is an expert at creating the most natural and suitable shape for your specific eye and facial structure. While some patients want a more dramatic look, most want a noticeable yet subtle difference. The asian eye is much different than the caucasian eye so an experienced surgeon will use their knowledge to create the desired crease while retaining the identity of the patient.

Which technique is right for me?

Many patients choose to undergo the incision method due to its efficacy and long lasting results. However, patients who are candidates for the suture method may opt to do this procedure due to a few factors. The suture method is ultimately temporary, which some patients favor, and it also has a shorter recovery period. Remember that not all patients who are candidates for the incision method will be candidates for the suture method.


Will there be any scarring?

The incision is hidden in the crease and is not noticeable unless the eyes are closed. Over time, the scar will fade, mostly to the patient’s skin color or a little lighter.

When can I wear makeup/false eyelashes/other eye cosmetics?

Typically patients can start wearing cosmetics after the second week but it is ultimately at your surgeon’s discretion. It is important to minimize any tugging action to the lid for the first few weeks, such as taking off false eyelashes.


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I wanted to have double eyelids since I was 14, but I was always worried about having surgery because I had seen many people go through the procedure. Most of my friends were happy with their results, but some looked uneven or unnatural. They all told me that choosing a good surgeon was extremely important. I finally worked up the courage to have surgery in my late 20s. I saw seven plastic surgeons, and I was most comfortable with Dr. Fan. It was obvious that he cares about his patients, and his background, reputation, and skills are superlative. I had my surgery last year, and I am thrilled with the results. I finally have the big, beautiful, and shapely eyes that I’ve always wanted. Thank you, Dr. Fan!*

— Ms.M

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